Friday, February 03, 2006

" My Cheesy Affection to the Sunset "

I dont need no one to tell me about heaven,
I look at my daughter and I believe,
I don't need no proof when it comes to God and truth,
I can see the sunset and I perceive...
- Live ( from the song Believe )

I truly adored the sunset, I can't help myself but fallen in loved with it. If I can watch it everyday I would do it, it is just so mesmerizing and enthralling. These days if I go the beach it is usually at five in the afternoon not just to take a swim but also to enjoy the beauty of the sunset. I loved swimming a lot, I feel like I am on my element when I am in the water, and it is definitely one of the most enjoyable thing I loved doing. Swimming in the salty sea or just sitting in the sand while gazing at the sunsets magnifecence is no doubt one of my guilty pleasures.
I like the color of the sun when it is about to set in the horizons. The majestic golden sun suddenly becomes into a somewhat dark red orange color and the clouds that surrounds it turns with the same color but lighter. The usually blinding sun whom you normally cannot look at through your own naked eyes up in the sky is now bearable to see with your own bare eyes. The familiar intolerable heat from the sun is no longer present during the sunset but rather you want to embrace this seemingly soothing warmth it unfolds to the world. The sun that looks bigger, hanging and nearing to lay in the sea is like this huge crystal ball used by the fortune tellers, but more magical and far beyond mystical. It's heavenly spectacle suddenly gives me this feeling as if God is right there in the setting sun, watching over His creation, watching over us. I have this feeling of stillness,this feeling of divine presence and in a way it's kinda comforting to this always miserable life of mine. When the sun finally touches the sea in the horizon, somehow you seemed to witness these rare amalgamation of the two opposite elements - Fire and Water. The imposing sun that looks scorching and menacing above the sky now appears to be serene and compose down here with us. It's red orange color reflecting on the clear salty water of the sea is a stunning sight to behold. Then sometimes you can see some fishermen in their bancas passing at the setting sun and it looks amazing coz' you have this feeling like they can almost touch the fiery sun because it looks nearer and reachable. Then all the clouds above the sky and down below with the setting sun has this beautiful shades of different colors like red, orange, pink and yellow that makes them look like a work of art of a masterpainter.
There is something magical about the sunset for me when I watch it. It's spellbinding beauty makes me feel like I am being transported for a while into a realm of peace and tranquility. For a moment I forgot all the ugliness that I felt in my life. For a moment the sunsets charm and breathtaking splendor makes me forget the reality of my fuck up life!!! The sunset is definitely one of God's most beautiful creation....


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